Any traders in Mexico??

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  1. Just wondering if I have any fellow trader in Mexico.. anyone???
  2. Where are you at?
  3. I'm in Mexico City.. You?
  4. How's the internet speed/reliability? Been thinking about west coast of mexico.
  5. The internet services here are as good as in the US, but the costs are about double if not more.. But the living expenses are way better.
  6. titan4


    Does that include lining in Cancun or further down the coast?
  7. kernan


    No, but I am drinking a Dos Equis right now - does that count?
  8. Transact Futures

    Transact Futures Transact Futures

    I like Carta Blanca myself. I will take a dos equis if I need to.
  9. titan4


    I imagine the weather is pretty good all the time.
  10. I like Cabo, it's like Girls Gone Bad everytime I go there. What broker dealers are out there for online US and Mex?
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