Any traders in Gibraltar?

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  1. What's it like out there?
  2. i thought you were there
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    I'd like to hear about that too. I love Andalucia and Gibraltar is a nice place to visit, but I don't know if living there would be great.

    The main problem I see is that Gibraltar is really small( 30000 persons or so ), just buildings on the base of the rock, a few beaches and you mustn't feel chlostrophobic because every time you go in Spain, you face a potential 3 hours waiting time at the border to come back.
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    Most of us actually live in Spain... Living in Gib can indeed be pretty claustrophobic, but with a bike or walking there is no problem crossing the border... Nothing beats the lifestyle in the sun..:cool:

    The number of traders in Gib has actually gone down quite a bit over the recent years - I've been here now just over 5 years and I guess the numbers have more than halved!

    Btw - Gibraltar firms are mostly futures (Just so you know)
  5. Do you speak Spanish? And can you walk across the border into Gib. from where you live?
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    "just buildings on the base of the rock, a few beaches "

    and that is what it is.
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    Thanks, good to know.I trade futures as well.

    Are you crossing the landing strip by bike? This thing cracked me up when I got there...LOL... What is this plane doing on my road?
  8. I recall a movie from the same group that did Floored about a a bunch of prop traders in Gibraltar, making and losing a killing, it was a great clip.
  9. Depends on what you are looking for - outside of Patagonia tapas, the weather and being able to walk everywhere, I found the place to be a backwards pain in the arse. It is a place that you either love or hate. Living in Spain is cheaper, but you have the border to deal with as well as the language barrier. An ante dote from a few years ago - there was a country wide power outage for some stupid benign reason ( in simple terms someone did something a normal person would not have done). So they kick on the back up diesel generator, which promptly shuts down within 5 minutes, plunging the power off country wide. Why did the diesel generator fail - because some tosser had not filled the diesel tank up, it was freakin empty.
  10. Wait, you forgot the monkeys!

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