Any Traders In Geneva

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  1. Using US based firms' for clearing and software?
  2. ITR2744


    nope, but Zurich... :p
  3. That is also OK. What do you use? Are you having any problems (speed/execution, etc) trading US markets(equity/commodities)?
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    use IB trading e.minis fulltime...
    Don't have any probs. you mentioned :confused:
  5. That is great..I am wondering about how the other firms are..
    The only major downside being in Switzerland is the time difference with the NYSE I assume.
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    time difference isn't a downside for me... it's great :cool:

    I think nowadays you shouldn't have any problems with the distance concernig speed, execution etc. unless you live in a banana republic...
    try or, these are german forums and several traders there use IB or mirusfutures etc.
  7. Especially for the afternoon session in NYSE, you have to stay up late which also makes a long trading day . That is what I meant and there is usually a lot of action in the last hour.
    Do you usually trade like 16 hours?
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    ah no no... usually work something different in the morning (swiss time) and start trading 15.30 till 22.00... I take the morning session (15.30 till 18.00) more serious.
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    I use InteractiveBrokers from Switzerland and have no issues on futures, connection speeds, etc..