Any traders in chicago area?

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by rajaalifx, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. I mainly trade currency options like FXE, FXB and occasionally SPDR and Diamonds. Im also very active in forex trading. Im fairly new to chicago and it will be nice to know fellow traders from the city. Im based in downtown.
  2. Welcome to Chicago!
  3. katesdp


    West Loop
  4. Oh sorry i didnt got a chance to check this forum from a long time. Wow glad to see other chicagoans. I attended trademonster's option workshop where Guy Adami and Jon Najarian and others gave good lectures. Got a chance to meet other chicagoans.
  5. Shanb


    I am in Chicago, trade at a firm in the loop. Are you retail or prop?
  6. hey shan how are you. Im a retail trader. I trade options and futures mainly in currencies and indices. Lately getting involved with commodities.

    What about you? What kind of instruments/products do you trade? I live in downtown as well. Im hoping to meet fellow traders. Its always good to catch up on stuff and exchange ideas and views.