Any traders in Brazil?

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by randomwalker, Dec 9, 2002.

  1. Hi, I have recently moved back to Brazil and I am looking out for other traders working out of Brazil

  2. I was back down there! I spent 2 years in Santiago and 1 year in Buenos Aires. Brazil was going to be my next stop -- but I chose to come back to the US, get married, and live a normal life (that is... if you call trading "normal").

    I'm in Southern California now, but the women here don't come close to comparing to the talent in Rio!!
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  3. I nearly went there, but I canceled cos of a cholera scare...
  4. Daal


    l live in sao paulo and l am planning to do some swing trading next weeks.
  5. Greendog, I did the reverse, went to Japan for a year, the the US for almost 7 years, and now came back to Brazil. And I'm kinda considering doing the same as you did, get married, and live a normal life, that is, besides trading, if there is such a thing.

    CandleTrader, cholera is not that bad, never had it thou. Anyways you shuld try coming down to Brazil, its the next best thing to paradise, it's dirt cheap right know, a lot of chicks, and excelent telecom infrastructure for trading.
  6. Daal, are you a native or a gringo?
    Sometimes I kinda try to swing trade, but I guess I am to cheap for that, so I just daytrade. Como dizem sou uma puta barata.
  7. Daal


    como assim?vc eh cheap e faz day trade?eu vou fazer swing exatamente por isso, to sem grana e com as comissoes e taxas fica foda fazer day.
    como vc faz?
  8. I am cheap in the sense that I am happy with a couple of pennies per share, as a friend of mine puts it "we became beggars"

    to te mandando um email pro pessoal
  9. Daal


    vc faz trades nas bolsas americanas, certo?