any traders from the ROK?

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by HoneyBear, Jan 20, 2003.

  1. just curious as to how many traders trade from korea. trading at night and drinking some soju in the morning and afternoon doesn't sound too bad.

    no really...would like to hear some of the experiences. thanks.
  2. you live there?

    what is the mood considering
    you are next door neighbors of

    DPRK and the nut in charge there?

    I guess you are in same timezone as DEF

    cool :)
  3. setharb,

    no, i do not live in the ROK. but i do have friends there and it seems the mood is overplayed here in the u.s. than it is in korea.

    maybe the 50 years of constant threats of war from the "nut leaders" (present nut's dad included) in the north doesn't phase the citizens of the ROK anymore? who knows.

    i wouldn't mind moving back there though. :D