Any traders from Spain?

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by tlojek, Aug 5, 2005.

  1. tlojek


    Any traders from Spain out there?

    I am from Madrid and I am looking for some interesting contacts here...
  2. MaxSpain


    Hola tlojek,

    I'm from Granada, ¿what products do you trade?
  3. tlojek


    SP500 is my favorit. And I also like Euro Stoxx50, Light Crude Oil, Euro-Dollar, Gold, Bund, Natural Gas and some Currencies - dependig on the setup.

    Somtimes Dax - but it´s a weired market with lots of traps and gaps.

    Mostly Minis or CFDs. Sometimes US-stocks, but they are more random walk (for me) and so I keep it low on this field.

    What´s going on in Granada?
  4. I'm from Las Palmas but now trading in London. I trade US 5yr,10yr, and 30yr bonds.
    I've got a trader friend from Granada too!
  5. tlojek


    No hay muchos traders en Espana?

    Que pasa con los traders de los bancos y de la bolsa en Madrid? Es totalmente automatico? (-:

    Ah, si claro - son vacaciones y todos estan en la costa...
  6. ===================
    More interesting info by clicking ''search'' at top of this page;
    typing in keyword ''spain''.

    Hope this helps.

    Wisdom is the principal thing.:cool:
  7. Babak


    Q tal? donde estas en Madrid? yo tengo familia en canillejas y les visito casi cada ano. what do you trade? spanish equities?
  8. JordiSL


    Hola! To those of you who may be interested, HLV trading has a trading office opened in Barcelona.
    We daytrade US markets, specially Nasdaq, and are currently hiring new traders.
    Así que si vivís en España y estáis interesados, or foreign people who would like to move to this city, just get in contact with us:
  9. whats the difference for a US citizen to trade though HLV in USA or SPAIN or CHINA ?

    ( besides the women being sexier in spain maybe or the chinese food being more varied in china than in USA ) ?

  10. Is this HLV office still running? if so, what's the address??

    I know of SwiftTrade, Title and World Trade offices, but this HLV sounds weird to me.
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