Any Trader Worth Their Salt Will Buy Mega Millions Ticket

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  1. Risking $1 to make $540 million before taxes is a no brainer......duh

    ...and for those that plan to rake me over the coals about expectancy....

    I've calculated the expectancy to be $0.00307 with 1 in 176 million odds of winning......

    Pathetic...but still worth the risk in my opinion

    Edit: Expectancy is actually 2.07 which is pretty damn good
  2. I levered my $1 up 20 times - I'm feeling lucky:D

    ...also I'm in the camp of not caring about expectancy wrt the lottery given the utility of winning. 2c.
  3. So is it just $1 for the big jackpot? WTF is that megaplier number?
  4. I think the megaplier increases the winnings of the lower jackpots, as in hitting 5 out of the six numbers and getting a larger payout than the available one.
    Instead of paying a dollar for a number(ticket), they charge two dollars per number... increasing the winning payout lower prizes only.
  5. Edit: Expectancy is actually 2.07 which is pretty damn good
  6. I know some people. What's the odds of them winning and giving me a piece? Meanwhile I'll save a dollar, plus I won;t have to deal with beggars if I bought a ticket and won.
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  8. It's amazing... how many "friends" you have... that you didn't know you had... once it's known you came into some big money...

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    Its $540M if taken over 26 years, $390M (pre-tax) if you go for the lump sum option...

    My after-tax lump-sum payout would be ~$250M, still worth it I guess:
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    Gotta Love New Hampshire


    New Hampshire: No State Tax on Lottery Prizes!
    Your net per year: $15,576,923 Your net payout: $292,500,000
    After 26 payments: $404,999,998
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