Any trader in Spain ?

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by wallac3, Dec 6, 2020.

  1. wallac3


    Hi all!

    I'm looking for traders based in Spain to talk about our trading. Here it's hard to find someone who understands the ups and downs we go through everyday in trading.

    I've been trading for 6 years mainly US stocks and would like to talk to share our experiences etc
  2. ZBZB


    PM Luishk on this site.
  3. luisHK


    In Madrid here, but not much of an active trader anymore.
    There used to be at least another semi active member here living in Madrid, and another one around Marbella, but haven t heard from them in a while.
  4. wallac3


    Thank you both!
    Glad to have found another one living in Madrid luisHK , is there a way I can PM you? tried here but your profile shows blocked to me. Another way?
  5. Gaditano, living in London. I trade spread-betting mainly, in the UK. You can add me to your little cult. We might get some interesting out of it.
  6. sam9000


    I'm in Madrid also, Wallac3. Did you find many others?!
  7. wallac3


    Hello @sam9000 , not many others, we must be a very small part of this community. Let me send you a dm , and any other Spaniard feel free to reply :)