any trader from the Philippines?

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    internet ... well i really don't know the technical stuf in our office. Our branch manager is the one who knows all that tech stuff. i know we switched providers late last year cause we had a lot of down time and in day trading every minute counts.
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  2. Sorry for the late reply, have not been here for some time.

    It was something that had to do with scantily clad women (if at all clad).

    Dad mentioned that staying there for anything longer than three to six months invited special interest groups requests for making "contributions". E.g. to the local police "society" or some other "societies" but a tenner here and there went a long way.

    There is the story of a guy who was a kick boxing champion who refused to make any donations and he was killed in front of his wife and kids on a sunday afternoon. The cops could not find any leads, hmmm... You get the idea here.

    If you know what you are doing and do not take a high attitude then you can be rather safe, if you on the other hands start flashing big money around and treat the locals like dirt then you may find yourself in deep trouble. Dad considered some places in Amsterdam more dangerous than the Philippines. Similarly you would not walk through the NY Bronx with a briefcase that has "money" printed on it.

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  3. Ah, okay, so it's $7K gross profit and his net payout was 20% of that, I assumed that the $7K was already his net payout based on what Jim said earlier in the thread. What happened to the Pasig branch BTW, why did it close? Did it meet the same fate as the Taft, Manila branch? :eek: What happened to the traders there like Jim, did they transfer to the SJ branch? I hope they start getting new trainees again soon...
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  4. Okay, I assumed as much, I just thought it might somehow be related to online stock trading, hehe. Ah, well, all those precautions apply everywhere you go, there are corrupt & greedy people in any country.

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  5. To answer your question though, reliability sucks with any ISP in the Philippines. You need to have at least 2 internet connections.

    The biggest ISP is PLDT and their oh so ultrafast broadband gives you "up to" 1 mbps for about $22.00. Take note of the "up to". I was in manila and getting about 384. It's not exactly a huge huge city. I know DSL speed goes down the farther you are but I was still in the city.

    Reliability: Internet goes down at least 5-6x a week. Calling customer service is truly useless. Nobody knows about anything.
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    Thanks for the info, polpolik. I am buying a condo in Makati and plan to spend 3 mos. out of the year trading from there, but it's probably not going to work if internet reliability is going to be an issue. Are there any other high speed internet options aside from DSL (cable, T1, etc.)?
    Thanks again and good trading.
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  7. Thanks Jim & JMO, good luck on your trading. :cool: Man, I really thought that $7K was already the take-home pay, hehe. :D
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