any trader from the Philippines?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by chaosbaby, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. zotium


    Hi Chaosbaby and TM,

    I just got back from an interview with SwiftTrade SanJuan branch.

    Send your resumes to

    He will check it. Call me up if you guys have questions, i'm not sure if he wants his number posted here so I won't. I'll be unsubscribing from this thread

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  2. Ok thanks. Who did you say will check it? Tell us more about the interview, PM me if you like. Do you really have to go through 3 rounds of that?

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  3. In deference to the thread starter, let's not bother to reply & argue about corruption in this country or anywhere else in Asia on this thread. I should have known better than to engage a random foreigner about media-influenced perceptions trying to pass itself as a scientific finding.
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  4. palawan


    but i have so much more :D anyway, you're right that i'm going way off-topic. i just wanted to show that many times it looks greener on the other side, eventhough it's not.

    i really like the philippines, and if i wasn't with my gf, i'd probably be living there trying to make it with small time trading, or even online poker. at least i got the basic stuff covered with my small business-partnership there.

    Apologies to the thread-starter...
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  5. reg


    Typical Filipino "in-denial" response. I got the story from Bloomberg, a source I trust.
    You get your info from a blog. LMAO!
    No sense arguing with someone who thinks he's right no matter what.
    Anyway, good luck in your prop trading career. If all else fails, Filipino domestic helpers are always in demand in Hong Kong.
    By the way, I've lived in the Philippines for more than 10 years. In fact just went back there last Christmas to visit friends. Your malls are impressive (Mall of Asia, Megamall, etc.) - but that's about it.
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  6. That's not cool to say. People get whatever jobs they can get to feed their families. don't look down on the DH. They're much better than the people you see down in a soup kitchen in Chicago or Detroit waiting for a handout and popping childrens out faster than cockroaches.

    And, the in thing now is nursing.
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    What part of my statement was derogatory towards Filipino domestic helpers?
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  8. nonam


    I would like to try trading from the Philippines.Two years ago I tried and failed to get my own internet connection there.I would welcome ideas on how to get connected in any city there.Remember I am a TEMPORARY VISITOR.Please dont suggest PLDT unless it is advice on who and how to bribe.Unlike many telco's who will lie to you to get your business,PLDT employees look for ANY EXCUSE to deny you.It would be a waste of money bribing the slovenly people in PLDT offices.I thought I had it solved when I rented a condo on a street that was wired by Destiny cable.But Destiny said they were prevented from entering that property.I guess I should have tried to bribe someone.
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  9. reg


    You need to BRIBE somebody to get internet connection in the Philippines? Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't PLDT a non-government entity run by one of the Cojuangcos?
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  10. palawan


    you summed up the whole country by saying all it's got to offer is "the malls"??? where do you live now?

    have u ever been to boracay, bohol, palawan, cebu, tagaytay, subic, laguna etc. resorts? have you ever experienced interacting with the not-so-rich folks of the philippines? i'm talking about living with them, hanging out with them, even having some drinks with them and talking about how they live their lives?

    the philippines has a lot more to offer than just "the malls". that, i am sure of.

    i've been to a lot of places here in the US, too, NY, NJ (ok, it's right next door), chicago, texas, san francisco, las vegas, mammoth lakes, sequoia and the small towns like solvang, santa barbara, catalina island, but you won't hear me saying all the US has to offer are the neon lights of Las Vegas.

    if you're a true friend to the people you visited there in december, you wouldn't belittle their hometown to a country of just "the malls".

    my last word on this... it's not the thread for this. sorry...
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