any trader from the Philippines?

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  1. tafftrader and mgarc please don't hi-jack my thread. Seems like nobody in the Philippines trades via prop firms like swifttrade. Any Filipino who is currently working on a prop firm?
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  2. why would u need them?

    just set up a global trader account and trade from home.
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  3. because im a newbie. I was hoping to get a good training first before I use my own money to trade. How to set up a global trader account? and how much does it cost? tnx
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  4. Hi chaosbaby (BTW, M or F?), I also started a thread a while back about Swift Trade Manila because I was interested in working there just to learn about daytrading. I researched a lot about it and in the US, a 7-day training like that costs ~$5000, so it's okay with me if they would pay "only" P10K/month while you learn. In case you haven't come across my thread while searching here, here's the link:

    Here's the older thread by THE-BEAKER:

    PM me if you have any questions. :cool:
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  5. yes I've read all those stuff before posting here. I haven't found any real information about swifttrade in the Philippines. Based on the ads that I read, they don't give a fixed 10k/month(PHP) salary. Compensation is stricly profit sharing. Can anyone clear this up? anyone working at swifttrade philippines?
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  6. Hmm, I still have their ad I cut out from the Inquirer Classifieds a month ago and there they specifically state that they offer "guaranteed P10K/month *during training*", and that got me confused also because from the posts I've researched here in this forum & in other sites the standard practice for SwiftTrade branches overseas was no fixed income during training (but you don't spend a centavo either) and a certain %payout once you "graduate" or attain a set amount of profit w/in 6 months.
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  7. If they have a phone # (and I assume they do), why don't you guys just call them and get your answers straight from them?
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  8. This is what I've read from their ads online:

    Compensation: **Strictly profit sharing based on actual trading performance/results. Traders will be treated as independent contractors.**


    **Competitive profit share based on actual trading performance/results starting from Day 1 of the training period. Note due to the high learning curve of the industry, only candidates with no financial committments for 3-6 months should apply. Trainee/Traders will be treated as independent contractors.**

    Maybe they meant that It's guaranteed you'll earn 10k/month because their training is good but not because you'll have a base salary of 10k.

    well they didn't post their contact # on the ads I've read so I contacted via email and asked for the details regarding their branch in the Philippines. I haven't got any reply from them though. :(

    I'm really interested on their offer but it really bothers me not to have atleast a transportation and food allowance from them.
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  9. I don't wanna go into the realm of "interpreting" anything from their ads, and I've also read some of their online ads as well. Since they have 3 branches already, it is also possible that they would have slightly different compensation policies. I'm not sure how much of that is dependent on the particular BM and how much is set by the HO in Canada. I also would have liked to know the profit level required in order to "graduate" and what their %payout is before & after graduation. In Canada it's supposed to be the equivalent of ~$2000 net w/in 6 months (anyone correct me if I'm wrong).

    Both their print & online ads only include an email address for sending resumés, no phone # or other email addys for inquiries. I still prefer to ask around first before contacting them directly, just so I can verify whatever it is they would say to me later on. :cool:
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  10. I emailed swifttrade san juan and manila branches and It's been like a week now with no reply. Is this a dead company or what? even their international branches didn't replied. Not even an auto reply :eek:
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