any trader from the Philippines?

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  1. any trader here from the Philippines? or anyone trading in swiftrade Philippines? Im planning to work at swifttrade but I'm kind of not sure whether to be a trader as my first job. Im kind of worried about the no salary thingy cause if they don't give me atleast an allowance for my transportation and food, well that's going to be a problem. So I wana know how is it be be a trader at swifttrade here in the Philippines? Or if your a trader from a different company then share me some of your experiences. Thanks! :D
  2. Where are they based? I trade from home in Alabang.

    I had no idea there was a trading arcade in Manila.
  3. Hi i posted a similar thread a few months ago.
    there seems to be genuine interest from a few guys to trade from the philippines. this swifttrade office seems to be the answer if you want to trade stocks but im more interested in trading interest rate and bond futures european or us.

    i dont know if this is possible but with the tt hub in singapore and one company offering connectivity to 7 exchanges in asia there looks like the possibilty of doing this.

    maybe an idea is to get an office with a few like minded individuals to split costs and exchange ideas/views etc in manila.

    i know im up for it especially with the easy/cheap living costs etc
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    i am in the philippines right now. it's great being here except for the fact that you have to trade during the graveyard shift (10:30PM to 5AM local time). i thus try to minimize being in front of my computer.

    tafftrader, i am also staying in alabang. what products do you trade?

    i've tried to call the swifttrade office in manila just to see what their operation is like but haven't had success so far.
  5. I trade various products these days. I use cityindex spreadbetting platform and also have an account with Fimat Singapore. I was planning on setting up an office to trade index options in the alabang area but its' too costly for one person.

    What about yourself?
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    i trade futures, mainly the s&p e-mini contract, but dabble in other things as well.

    would be cool to set-up such an office. wouldn't mind exploring the idea, but will be leaving manila soon for several months.

    maybe we can meet up for a drink somewhere in the area sometime next week. anyone else interested, feel free to join in.
  7. might be an idea. where do u live exactly?
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    makiling st.
  9. Your not the only trader I know from Makiling. Is this Dave?
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    nope. sent u a pm.
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