Any Toronto Traders

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by pbw, Feb 6, 2006.

  1. pbw


    Speak up if you are in the TO area -- and how long have you been trading --cheers.
  2. Oakville 3 years fulltime, 25 years partime ( I actually had a life once :D).
  3. Datradr



    I am in Toronto.. I traded for 1 year ..and I am looking to get back into it as we speak...any of you have any information on any toronto firms that would be hiring traders?? or possibly even remote??

    thanks and good luck..

  4. I trade euro and 30 yrs and reside in The Kingsway
  5. Traded 1.5 year from Markham...
  6. Nice there are some beautiful old houses down there I used to live at Palace Pier for 4 years and loved the area.
  7. pbw


    Lets see if we can all meet up for a beer sometime (even though I don't drink) -- let's hope more TO traders speak up.....
  8. I'd be in for that !!!
  9. I am not in Toronto but in the other GTA of Teeswater. Teeswater is a small town in the Wingham, Walkerton, Goderich, Kincardine, Listowel area. If you guys are getting together in Toronto on the weekend I might be tempted to come down and talk shop.

  10. Samson thats funny b/c i used to live in East Oakville, was @ The Rude Native last week and saw they toredown the old Sharkey, more condos:eek:
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