Any Toronto Based Prop Firms Hiring?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by TokyoGhetto, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. I have been out of the trading game for about a year now and was wondering if anyone knows any prop firms hiring at the moment. Downtown Toronto would be nice but I'm willing to commute. Sterling Trader Pro is a first choice but any DMA platform is fine with me.

    I still have yet to contact Swiftrade but their platform doesn't support spread charting and I don't want to shell out for Esignal at the moment. Title Trade is another option but I would like to contact the trading firm directly.

    I also know that some new firms have popped up since I have been gone so I'm curious to hear about those. Thanks to those who provide me with actionable leads.

    Happy holidays!
  2. mnx


    do you need to trade in an office or is trading from home ok?

    - mnx
  3. I'm assuming in an office because I'm looking to get backed by the firm. I have yet to find a firm that will back a remote trader, unless your a big trader like Szeven.

    I'm getting a bank roll together so if I don't a firm then I will back myself and trade remote, I would much rather do it on someone else dime.

    My style is inter-intra market spread trading between NYSE stocks and AMEX ETFs. Scalability is no problem the products are the most liquid around. Just trying to find a firm that isn't scared to ramp up the share size when it matters the most.

    I also have been developing a RTM strategy that is pure market making rebate capture, but its not for the faint of heart and I would need to swing a big line for it to work, may be someday but for now a trader can dream right?
  4. Or in other words there is a chance I might blow out -- If it never comes back :] -- LOL

  5. Any trader who uses leverage and trades in size subjects themselves to a blow out...anyone who traded long during the 'flash crash' probably didn't think that was ever going to happen, but it did...I guess that's how the game goes.