Any tips about day trading using IB?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by mizhael, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. Any type of order is 1 click if you set it up that way.

    Because it's Sunday morning right now I couldn't find the links to hotkeys or turning off the need for order verification for you, but trust me .. you can customize TWS to be as fast as you are.
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  2. doli


    Don't watch the charts to trade. They update only every 5 seconds. Was a guy here who agitated for accurate bars, so IB made a change to have its charts update every 5 seconds. The guy wanting that change is gone now -- so much for making money by watching accurate bars.
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  3. Oops, then watch what to trade?
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  4. ckumar88


    I am new to IB and also find these "delayed real-time" charts hard to trade with. Am curious to know how experienced Ib users work around this.

    Thanks and best regards.
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  5. Maybe they don't use IB to do daytrading?

    Then that's too bad for me...
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  6. cstfx


    Use another data feed and charting package (like ESignal) for your IB trades. If you are a serious daytrader, the couple of xtra dollars a day is minimal.
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  7. IB offers a simple API; one easy way to access it is through Excel.

    I can adjust/submit 100 orders from Excel with the click of a button. Doesn't get much faster than that (for a retail trader).
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  8. cajunboy


    Don't...................... IB Sucks big time, IMHO
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  9. moarla


    IB data is fine, (no delay...) zerolineTrader is anotrher Frontend to input trades fast
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  10. Hello Mizhael,

    it depends on what you are trading. If you trade futures, you should use booktrader.
    But if you trade stocks. You can use the main window to execute your orders real fast.
    Just type in your stock´s ticker in the ticker line. And click the bid or ask, or bid size or ask size. Or whatever you want. You can just set it up in the configure -> hotkeys window. You don't even have to transmit the order if you want. Just set up some hot(mouse)keys.
    That's how I do it! And I execute 20 - 100 trades a day like that!


    P.s.: You also want to enable quick order entry and set that up, so you don't have to chose for the SMART exchange everytime you enter a ticker in the main screen. This is for stocks though!
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