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Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by xs900, Jan 29, 2004.

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    I would like a chart that could display any timeframe MMmm does it exist? I wonder!

    all the vendors (software) have products that alter min. bars, 1min, 3,5, 33 etc. problem is: most timeframes leave the last bar of the day only half finished because when a new trading day starts, the bars restart again and do not carry on from previous day.

    help please! is there a charting package that will display any timeframe (bar) 28mins or 21 days or 8 days etc. etc.

    can you help.......I'll be your best friend :)

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    Ta - I'll look at that

    nice to get the first reply on this big board.
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    well then, perhaps it does not exist!!

    it can be done with excel..........but it's not much fun.

    At the exchange, all things are equal (apart from outrades) number of buyers equals sellers. The reason why markets move is (my opinion) because: of the imbalance of: HOLDERS - this is a very small imbalance and is very difficult to detect.

    I believe that there is only one "timeframe" which (at anytime) is in control of the market, hence my above request, I think there may be a way to detect it.

    I have spent everyday in January (apart from the1st (hic) - I am a, no I said celt !!) trying to find: software which will do this simple thing........not sooo many good technical ideas out there......all vendors promoting same ideas!!

    any views out there from my battle scar'ed trader friends?
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    qchart (as fare as i remenber) does that
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    Thanks MR.............keep those thoughts coming
  7. Esignal will allow any value bar you want.
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    Thanks macal425

    that is quite true.........I have used e-signal, which I liked.

    that is half the problem sorted..........the other half is that i am not given the option to RESTART the chart!!

    what do I mean?...simply this:

    If I look (for example) at a 1min bar and think it is a low (or high) then I would like to RESTART the chart there and be able to arrange the data in any timeframe from that point ownwards. i.e. from that (perceived) low I would like the timeframe that I think applicable. I would buy and wait for the next few mins, if the position remains strong (conforms to desired bar pattern), I would continue to hold, wait for more data (by this time I could have a eg. 8 min bar, maybe 3 or 4 8 min bars) and wait until my pattern was broken (and liquidate.)

    This idea of restarting the chart is very simple but I consider very does not need to take into account the past data and means: "living in the present!"

    any ideas?
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    did you try to specify the start time on time templates option?
  10. Sorry, no ideas for restarting. Not something that I would have even thought about.
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