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  2. last time i read ny'er, it reeked of leftist spin. if you tell me it's worth it, I'll read it.:confused:
  3. ill read it.
  4. look at this chart and tell me if you can identify it:
  5. niederhoffer is a phenomena and it wouldn't surprise me if the establishment rag slanders him in that elitist way.
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    I can't stand the leftist crap either.

    I read it and it is very good. I have always said, especially on this board, that there are many, many ways to make (and lose) a lot of money in the markets. These guys prove it.
  7. the hero is wary of the antihero because he theorizes the latter is a product of luck.

    later we learn that the hero's strategy for success includes <i> "that by looking at the past behavior of GM you can figure out the exact odds that GM will hit forty five dollars in the next three months."</i> Figure out the future from the past? Hmmm.

    In all leftist rhetoric, it's the <i>other</i> guy's doo-doo that stinks. The left's doo-doo is sacred. But their yadda is still full of contraditions.

    OK. Let's overlook this for' a good read.

    Sorry, but "time and chance happen to them all." -- Solomon
  8. This is an excellent article. I didn't see a political angle to it.
  9. one of the left's most effective tools is its elitist social commentary, its celebrating of all things esoteric and avant-garde. some call it 'baffling w/bs.'

    Who gives a rip how many gargoyles the hero has at home? And I love this buy 'a social amount' nonsense.

    It's a fascinating read. I agree. But it spins left all the same.
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    Sometimes I get a strange feeling in back, which is when I reckon it's time to get up and do something.
    Other than that I haven't found it helps me predict the market, left, right, up or down.
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