Any thoughts on the 2 guys who won the Nobel Prize in Economics???

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  1. I find their work to be useless. Like all econometric models they fail when you need them the most.
  2. another two stupid smartasses, who think they know all.

    But in trading the real markets, the would loose, they would just loose.

    Good for them, they ve found something else to make money, like winning stupid nobel prizes for useless bullshit work, to feed the stupid sheeps with nonsense....

    We need more of these highly educated university proffessor fools, they are sooooooooooo smart. wow.:eek: :eek: :eek:
  3. Haha, you guys are funny...
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    here's my economic model: "If something is royally screwed up, some royally screwed up people want it that way"
  5. I am shocked, shocked!, that they have passed over William Schamp (ProfLogic) once again. And deeply saddened. And Jack Hershey, they ignored him too.

    It's one thing to give Fama and French the cold shoulder yet again, but it is another thing entirely to quash the nominations of these two ET luminaries.
  6. the game is rigged :(

  7. Correct me if I'm wrong...the prize for literature hasn't been handed out yet. Thats where you get screwed.

    Personally, my bio and phys is more important. Google "living moonbeams"
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    Probably not nearly as smart as your local weatherman; who is probably not that bright/right.
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    Excellent; excellent!
    So many "problems" could be so easily solved.
  10. Jack Hershey has a laughable 50 line method using stochastics and MACD's, they are not even in the same category of theoretical proof as Bill Schamp is.

    The difference between writing a novel about how the market works and not why the market moves the way it does is a lot different than parroting knowledge we already have.

    I would understand the skeptic nature of the markets, but Bill's theory Price Physics is the best theory I have ever read about market movement. There isn't any other one, so if you throw in the software to make it work then you'll be getting somewhere.

    Bill really should but I'm sure they'll find it too commercial and not at all academic, but that doesn't change how good his theory works. Jack's as far as I'm concerned is confined to autocorrelated 15 minute bars between market hours, and the order of magnitude difference in utility is very obvious from a 9:30 to 4 affair to 24 hour 6 day a week affair.

    There is no difference. Jack Hershey doesn't deserve anything for his quaint method, but as far as Bill is concerned he certainly should win a nobel prize for what he's done.
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