Any thoughts on prop firms in the New York City area?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Gcapman, Jul 11, 2008.

  1. Gcapman


    Are there any good prop trading firms in Queens..............?

  2. Surdo


    I guess commuting 15 minutes to NYC is too much to ask?
  3. queens is in NYC.....but i get your point:D
    Manhat. from queens is a pain in the ass to drive..subway???
    still a pain in the ass to get there.

  4. Not if you live in Bayside. :D
  5. If you can't be arsed to commute for 15 mins, u obviously have'nt not got a passion for the markets.

    Are you sure you can be bothered to drink your coffee? or shall I drink it for you!!?

    Lazy thing
  6. bdon


    Theres prop trading from Queens. Its called remote.
  7. Surdo


    Do they have a website?

  8. Not true!! Theres little store front asian places where he could go to right by flushing!!!:D
  9. bdon


    Whats he trading there? Fake Gucci's and Smoked Salmon?
  10. " remote trading"- of course-Can trade from siberia if u wish.
    #10     Jul 11, 2008