Any thoughts on PFE

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Mvic, Dec 3, 2005.

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    Looking to park some trading and RE profits for 1-2 years and PFE looks like it might be a good vehicle. Any thoughts on PFE?
  2. Sentiment is about as bad as it gets for DRG..I like this

    See Nikkei in 2003...reviled @ 15K

    Scale in for some

  3. I dont think it's worth the litigation risk and generic risk for the potential reward...would rather play a more speculative stock with solid fundamentals, or a very low risk stock with little downside catalysts.
  4. thats whn you buy stocks when it looks so dark. no question pfe will see 27 next year plus you get 3.5% for waiting.
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    That was the quickest major (for me) money I have ever made!
  6. Cramer said sell PFE tomorrow open, no hold

    Edited to add:

    Pfizer (PFE:NYSE - commentary - research - Cramer's Take): "I would ring the register north of 25. That's the most you're gonna get out of this situation [favorable patent ruling] . Tomorrow's open should be strong. I want you to sell into it."
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    I have PFE & MRK calls. MRK intraday chart is stronger than PFE. PPH is doing well lately. Looks like a sector reversing up.
  8. Key difference in MRK and PFE products. If you know some ppl in the industry, ask them about the vaccine products edge MRK has over PFE. PFE has been growing too much through acquisitions and their in house R&D hasnt been too innovative.

    I like both of the companies, big pharma is a very powerful industry with their tentacles deep in the government. Their stranglehold over the pill popping masses is very powerful and highly lucrative. Their finances are great. But, this industry depends on the masses lack of knowledge about real & true health and the natural health industry has been growing. I was gonna buy both of the stocks as long term multi year holds but I would like to see some action in Washington that would solidify their positions against the natural health movement. This wave of litigation is old news and priced into all products, take some risk finance classes and you will see that this has been calculated for in various industry for decades (ex: asbetos, tobacco, lead paint, certain lab products by Abbott which was my case study). A serious movement could cripple the big pharma along with healthcare & medical.

    That being said, I do not take any products by big pharma, even aspirin or cold/flu products and do not believe in traditional Western medicine except for trauma treatment. I have serious disdain toward Western medicine and their corrupt & evil establishments. On an ethical level, I hate both of the companies but I also recognize that they are corporations which have a legal duty to bring profit.