Any thoughts on DNDN ?

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    7:31AM Dendreon presents data correlating the cumulative potency of PROVENGE to overall survival; correlation appeared to be independent of other important baseline prognostic factors (DNDN) 5.55 : Co presents data demonstrating the correlation of a measure of the cumulative potency of PROVENGE (sipuleucel-T), an investigational active cellular immunotherapy for hormone-refractory prostate cancer, with overall survival. This is the first time that an association between higher potency of an active immune therapy and increased patient survival has been reported. The correlation appeared to be independent of other important baseline prognostic factors. Results showed that PROVENGE patients experienced improved survival if they received more cells across the three doses of PROVENGE or higher cumulative CD54 upregulation values. The effect on survival for TNCs appeared to reflect in part the patients' baseline prognostic factors. However, the CD54 upregulation ratio appeared to be an independent predictor of survival in patients who received PROVENGE, as the correlation remained strong even after adjusting for baseline prognostic factors.
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    this says nothing about whether fda will approve or not. its just a desperate cry from a company going under.
  3. This company is funny. I rode it for 100% profit last year when the news came that the FDA may approve its drug, then I sold it before they announced.

    The FDA needed more time, so the stock tanked.

    The next day, DNDN gave it more info, and the stock went way up.

    Its a funny company that I would not ever touch again.

    Provenge is no good.
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    yea sure you did.
  5. IMO: Provenge trial is over results are not good, article is a desperate cry - yea, we did something, how come that correlation is not sufficient enough for the drug to be approved by FDA? Do not touch it for 2-3 years, if it survives.