Any thoughts on AIQ and/or myTrack

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by YankeeTrader, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. Anybody have any thoughts or experiences with AIQ and/or myTrack?
  2. taowave


    Depends what you are looking for....

    If you are interested in a programming language that is user friendly is the best in the business in creating markets,groups and sectors,than AIQ is your choice...

    The charting package needs an update..
  3. AIQ is also great for creating custom group and sector structures. It comes with its own sector structure called "AIQALL" but if you're willing to spend the time to create your own group structure, the rewards can be substantial. Note that this can take A LOT of time.

    Expert Design Studio (EDS) is also a powerful syntax language, relative to its difficulty level.

    I think AIQ Systems (the company) needs to focus on developing its strengths like its backtesting capabilities, EDS, and group/list structure.

    We recently posted a bunch of <b>FREE</b> <a href="">EDS files</a> on our website for the built-in indicators that appear in the charts module. This code can be used to reference and 'hard code' the indicators into your system so that the parameters don't change when you change them in the charts module.
  4. SlvrBear


    After many years of using AIQ TradingExpert off and on in btwn trying other softwar programs I finally gave up on TradingExpertPro ... even in the process of cancelling I had to interface eith THREE different companies.

    Earlier on it was a good product; most of its docs are copyr 2004 or 2007 giving the impression of no updates. And they no longer provide a reference manual opting for helpfiles with NO HELP CONTEXT ...

    I switched to RushGroup DirectPlus and am delighted.