Any Thought's About The Euro?

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The Euro...

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  1. Is Going to 160 In Weeks

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  2. Could Be Topping As We Speak

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  1. Does anyone see a reason why the dollar shouldn't continue lower? Does anyone see technical support here? Or is this round of dollar weakness cascading to 1.60?
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    I'm sorry I ever invented the Euro.
  3. War breaks out in East and south east of Europe. This couldn't halt the raising eur.
  4. been following this one closely as of late, as im sure are a lot of folks. i think a lot of people bailed during the big consolidation below 1.50 and the rush to get back in explains the strength of the move. overbought as of friday, hence the reversal...perhaps we are due to consolidate again here, with another push to new highs at some point in the not to distant future.

    what are your thoughts pabst? been reading your journal and respect your opinion.


  5. Thank's Asparagus. I have good res on all majors vs U.S. The res doesn't have to hold though.
  6. nice video
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  8. sheesh ... a few hundred billion here and there sure can rattle the forex markets

    excerpted from some newswires

    ( Bloomberg )

    -the Federal Reserve said it will lend up to $200 billion of Treasuries to financial institutions
    in exchange for debt that includes mortgage-backed securities. -

    ( A.P. )

    -Wall Street Moves Sharply Higher After Fed, Other Central Banks Move to Ease Credit Crisis -

  9. Realist


    Coordinated intervention to take the XEU down to 1.48 looks likely in my view. The EU manufacturing base is screaming bloody murder to the ECB right now and they usually get their way for a short while. If anything, the BOJ is the likely culprit to get the Yen weaker and therefore most anti-dollar markets could cool off for a few weeks at the very least. After today's Fed action, there may not be a 75bp cut on the 18th which could put some additional downside pressure on most of the USD counter-trades.
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