Any tech headz / Gadget guyz here....2Way TV technology ?

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    Can you check this article and let me know what you think of the technology. I am not tht tech savy and wondering of this is something that will catch on. 2way TV.....sounds like video conferencing but the company says its a little more than.

    And it mentions something about data going over 3g this something simular to those commercials with Kevin Ganett for FIOS ?

    NuTech Introduces the FRED With Grand Slam Services
    Friday September 26, 8:30 am ET

    LOS ANGELES, CA--(MARKET WIRE)--Sep 26, 2008 -- NuTech Digital, Inc. (OTC BB:NDGT.OB - News) -- Meet the "FRED" -- a digital video convergence center that creates new avenues of communications -- delivering streaming 1080P (true High Definition) video, an unlimited number of programming channels, real time 2WayTV, Video on Demand (VOD), internet connectivity and voice over ** (VoIP). Video quality beyond 1080P is enabled for the Blu-ray effect with up to 8 channels of surround sound. Finally, true interactive television is provided: 2WayTV with Broadcast quality delivered at a constant 30 Frames per Second, in full color, with lip synchronous sound using broadband service at a wide variety of data rates over wired or wireless networks, including 3G (the cellphone network).
    Source: NuTech Digital, Inc.

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    The new FRED delivers 1080P video, 2WayTV, VoIP and Data

    FRED may be purchased as a stand alone unit or together with a service contract for our FRED network. Our unique digital video compression enables us to send virtually real time 1080P hi-def video plus entertainment channels and dial up 2WayTV. Our interactive menu allows the viewer to easily and quickly choose among the widest available selection of video viewing. Video on Demand is delivered in 1080P so you may select a movie and immediately watch it with theatre quality in the time it takes for payment authorization.

    FRED is supported by our own data network, including our own switches. Our network architecture incorporates "up stream" switching so that the viewer's remote control may be passed along to any point on the entire network, allowing the viewer to easily and seamlessly access millions of dollars of network assets and functions, not just his local set top box.

    FRED takes the Internet and moves it to the television screen. Browse the Internet and watch it on your television or on your computer screen. The difference brings the theatre experience to Internet programming. Because of the 2WayTV aspect of FRED, you can now broadcast your video directly over the internet and create your own video channel. We provide connectivity to selected Internet programming in order to elevate the quality of the video and pass it along to the home theatre screen.

    FRED is the next step in communications whether viewing programming, browsing the Internet or using the videophone we have all imagined and waited for.