Any Tea (hot) drinkers here?

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  1. Any one here drink hot tea in the morning instead of coffee? I've been a coffee drinker for quite sometime but I've recently started drinking tea.

    Just wondering what tea your drinking and how you prepare it, etc. Anything good to put in it?

  2. Green tea sweetened with stevia.
  3. 3 pots of coffee here.. every day

  4. coming off of full flavored coffee into tea, I liked english or irish breakfast tea, very stout and full bodied. The Tazo brand of black is called "Awake", pretty decent and full as well.

    Favorite loose leaf is one from the tea store chain Teavana, called "monkey picked oolong". very nice.

    and no, you can't smoke it. although it looks very invitingto do so in the picture :D
  5. if i should drink tea i should pick the tea that allows 100+ yrs of robust life & sex :)

    till then i'll drink COFFEE, 100% COLUMBIAN dark roast! :cool:

  6. since you don't eat meat, you're only 50% man. Good thing for you, you drink robust coffee :D

  7. Tea is my primary beverage. Some nice Ceylon Tea.

    For occasions where you have to wake up ridiculously early, coffee is a must.
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    I drink tea during the day (coffee in the morning) my favorite is a teavana ( blend: MateVana mate tea + Rooibos Chai, it's delicious, and gives you energy. You have to brew it in a tea pot.
    they also have very tasty green and white favored teas.
    I think you can find the teavana store in almost every mall. I'm sure there are cheaper and more 'organic' tea shops out there, but this one seems to be the most common. they also have many tea samples that you can taste directly at the store.
  9. I enjoy Earl Grey or Constant Comment each morning. I did the same thing in having Tea replace coffee. I just needed something hot for cold winter mornings. Probably won't drink it much in the summer, Iced Tea instead!
  10. Love tea!!!

    I go with PG Tips tea bags with Carnation condensed milk, and toast and Marmite....mmmm
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