Any Tape Readers out there?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by chiefraven, Jan 8, 2006.

  1. Hey fellas,

    Anyone feel like discussing tape reading techniques or different setups through AIM or MSN?

    Personally, I like to come home after the market is closed and sign on to my trading platform and bring up the data (TAS screen) so i can go over the stuff i traded for the day and dicipher what actually went on, and whether or not i went in at the right time and got out at the right time.

    I think if we can find a couple of guys and go over a few trades each night, this would really help us in becoming better tape readers. And if we do it this way, we can simply just say ok let's bring up the TAS for whatever stock and we can all see the same thing and go over it together, and maybe bring up questions like. "why did he spread at this price", "what happened after this print was printed." etc

    Send me a private message with your screen names if you like this idea.
  2. ldb


    I have been interested in learning to read the tape, but the only timing and sales data that I have access to is a real time streaming T&S screen. This obstacle has prevented me from developing my interest.

    Where can I obtain the entire previous day's T&S data to review at my leisure each evening, as I can't watch the tape all day, and would prefer to come home in the evening and simply review all the T&S data?
  3. largezhu


    you can use esignal but it cost some money:D
  4. ldb


    Thanks for the reply.