Any Tampabay Traders?

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  1. I realize I'm going way out on a limb here but I'm interested in meeting other traders in the Tampabay area. I often feel like I'm the only person who actually trades for a living in the area.

    Please don't be offended but I'm not interested in meeting novice, part-time or hobby traders but people that actually pursue trading full-time for a living ... like myself.

    About me: I've been trading stocks full-time since 1998 and started trading on the side in 1985. I have a very systemized approach to the market and would enjoy meeting others who are also very systemized with their trading approach. By systemized I mean researching, backtesting, forward testing, then live trading.

    If you're interested and want to meet-up, add a post and maybe we can decide on a place to get together.

    Full Disclaimer: I am absolutely positively not selling anything and I definitely don't want to buy anything!
  2. N54_Fan


    Definitely interested in meeting up...Trading can be lonely. No one understands the hours and dedication to get it right.

    However, I am not making a living off of trading I do have a profitable trading system that i have been developed and been trading. I have been doing very well. The plan is to hopefully replace my current income so that I do not HAVE to work. I enjoy what I do for a living but to double my income would be excellent. I am well on my way to do that in the next 12-24 mos if I cont. trading the way I am now.

    Since I currently have a high income career path it would be hard to throw that away until I have proven I can make the same amount trading.

    If you would still like to meet up let me know. I too am not interested in selling or buying anything. Just like to chat and exchange ideas about trading.

  3. Hey N54_Fan, check your PMs. Another trader in the area has contacted me via PM so I will try to coordinate a meeting.
  4. I'm bumping this thread in an effort to generate some interest and coordinate a second get together. I know that the Tampa area is primarily a trading vacuum but maybe there are a few other traders out there? :D

    If you're interested in getting out of the office then either add a post or send me a PM.
  5. theFarmer


    hey guys, sorry to jump into this thread but seeing as you are all experienced traders in Florida you would be most familiar with this. I am curious, what taxes and rates do you pay?
  6. I think you are mistaken about the "all" part ... I only know of two traders in the Tampa area and I'm one of them. :D

    There might be more but I doubt they monitor these boards. There is definitely no shortage of Snake Oil salesman and imaginary traders.

    In regards to taxes, Florida has no personal state income tax but it does tax businesses. I would assume that Farming counts as a business. See the link below for more info:
  7. OK, I'm bumping this thread one more time. I know it’s tough out there but apparently it's worse than even I imagined. Either that or the EliteTrader boards are about to become extinct?

    You know it’s bad when you receive a reply from a guy whose handle is “theFarmer” and he doesn’t even live in the area. No offense to the “theFarmer” intended. :D
  8. Maverick74


    I think you going to discover that very few people on this board actually trade. Tampa has a fairly affluent retirement community but not sure how you are going to reach them. Perhaps try an IMDB group.
  9. I definitely agree but I thought that there might be a few lurkers out there like me who actually do trade.
    Not a bad idea! Maybe I should start a group to discuss the following two movies ... that should attract some seasoned veteran traders! :D
  10. Maverick74


    My bad. I meant to say IBD. LOL. As in investors business daily. They have very large investor groups that meet in every city in the country and there are a lot of hard core traders in those groups.
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