Any Tampa area traders around?

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    Just wondering. Condsidering moving to the Tampa area. Any suggestions about where to look and why?
  2. Yes, there is a very active traders club in Tampa that has several meetings a month where traders get together in person. Some of the meetings are webcasted over the internet as well, so you can check them out before you even move to the area. There's one this Saturday Setember 23rd, you can check out if you like.

    For details on what will be presented this Saturday, see the message with title Saturday September 23rd Traders Club webcast, which is listed under Hook Up or you can just click link below to get info.

    Click on the link to register to attend this Saturday's free club meeting online:
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    Not to many traders left in the area. A few spread out here and there
  4. There's seems to be quite a lot of traders in the Tampa area as more and more traders are finding out about our traders club meetings. We are adding several new people that live in this area to our club list every month.

    We have been having these meetings every month since 1998 that people are able to attend in person to hear speakers, get to know other traders in the area which they do during the breaks and going out to eat after meetings and hooking at other times as well.

    Our normal attendance has been around 100 people in attendance at our regular Cornerstone meeting where we bring in a speaker. We also have special interest groups that meet each month as well that are more interactive.
  5. Are you talking about people who trade the markets for a living ... if so, I don't personally know of any. I've heard rumors that during the Bubble, Tampa supported a few prop shops? There seems to be a fair number of part-time or hobby traders who are interested in the markets.

    In general, I find the Cornerstone meetings to be interesting and appreciate the fact that Mr. Norris spends the time and effort to schedule and run the events.


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    I actually know someone who is in the process of opening an office in the area. Clearwater/st. pete/ tampa.. I will keep you updated on the progress.
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    There still are traders in the area. They are all just spread out most trading from home. I know of at least 8
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    Actually, in addition to hooking up with traders, I was curious where the best places to live in the Tampa area are and why. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  9. In Tampa, Westchase and New Tampa are nice areas in Tampa if you are looking for a house in a subdivision. If you want to live on the bay, then Harbour Island in downtown Tampa is nice for condos. Also St. Petersburg and Clearwater are just over the bridge from Tampa, so if you want to live on the beach, then these are a great place to look into.
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    I dont know if you consider bradenton and sarasota - the tampa area, but there are traders around here.

    I know a guy who trades bonds for a living, a guy who claims to day trade options for a living,


    I assume Sarasota still lives here,

    My friend who has
    a very successful record in the hedge fund industry lives here,

    Joe DiNapoli (if he counts) apparently lives on Siesta Key.

    And I have met some other guys who trade for a living.
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