Any systems on how to trade the fed?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by alisa, Jun 28, 2006.

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    I've gotten my ass handed to me trading into the Fed decisions. Any advice? You guys usually just sit it out or dig in?
  2. Search on posts by Grob109 (aka Jack Hershey) on that subject. He gives explicit instructions on how to trade it.
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    excellent, i shall search for it right now. thank you
  4. Well, if that's your fancy, switch off your computer, grab a remote and a beer, tune into CNBC and watch Maria Barti screem her lungs out when the news are out ... LOL
  5. If your search is not fruitful, please PM Makosgu or Spydertrader, both of whom are close to Jack. Tell them I sent you. If they do not respond, I will try to identify others who will. Dougcs is another possibility, part of Jack's Tucson IBD group, I think. Best regards. And if you follow Jack's instructions, please let us know how it turned out.

  6. Yeh...if you can't make money doing it....then don't do it. Sit on your hands. Focus your efforts on where you can make money.
  7. Fade the first fade.
  8. Anyone found those explicit instructions running a search at ET?... I cannot find it...
  9. I asked Makosgu and others elsewhere who follow Jack to help. They will find the references. Sorry, I am not one of the faithful. I am an infidel. Trading the FOMC IMO is like trying to trade the oil reserves report. The majority opinion gets faded, and when they wise up, they get faded again...and again, until, there being no more sheep to shear, it is back to business as usual.
  10. Reading Grob109 (aka Jack Hershey) will rot what little is remaining of your brain.

    Advise against it.
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