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  1. Hello,

    I just cashed my money from the stock market, and wanna put money in ETFs or Mutual Funds. I usually invest VGTSX. I try to know more other ETFs or Mutual Funds, so that I can make a better decision. Can anyone provide some suggestions?

    I wanna maximum my value of money.

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  2. Don't mean to be critical, but "lots/almost everything" would have been better than what you've played. Look around.

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    I agree with Scatapahgos... not to be biased by recent events:) If you'd looking for some good ideas, check out this list... the only thing is, wish they had more fixed income funds.
    another idea--wait a bit before committing more cash. my 2c.
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    IBD or
  5. Good website, I read the whole article, learned a lot! thanks

    My opinion- mutual funds are awful unless you never look at the market.
    Waiting for an after hours Fund pricing makes no sense anymore when machines are moving the markets so violently intraday.
    Just look at last Friday. The Dow moved 1000 points from the low around 2:00 to the close. If you waited to buy a mutual Fund you paid up 3-4% by the closing bell.
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    Take it for what it's worth. I like HAO...Having some money in China. I am a conservative investor...Just me. I treat HAO like owning a small amount of gold and silver. Hope to never have to sell it, but it's good to have SOME China. Another China stock could be QQQC. Not great...But I am looking for protection if the US economy tanks. Also if the economy tanked, I would like to be in things like; ADM, T, VZ. Think widow and orphans. I want that dividend in down years. All of the above I have done covered calls. If it gets called away...I'll buy some later again...Remembering the IRS (30-31 day rule). Yes, I have owned stocks like Apple and Alibaba. But I'm an older investor. I want to be able to go on a vacation for a week and not have to make a trade if necessary.

    The only real value (great buy) my broker showed me at Morgan Stanley was Mr. Royce's funds. I've moved on (Schwab, Fidelity). I love these three closed end funds; RVT, RMT, RGT. The Royce family of funds have a way of finding good value in companies. They find boring, stable companies around the world. A few years ago RGT #1 company was a German box making company?? Who finds stuff like that?? I remember in down years...The market would be down like 15-20%. RVT paid a 6% dividend!! Yes, RVT dropped with the market accordingly that year...But 6%. It knocked my socks off!! In a dead market (blood in the streets) Royce was the way to go for me...Plus he would wear a bow tie...Couldn't be all that bad.
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    ETFs see outflows for first time since 2016
    Exchange-traded funds saw net outflows in February, the first monthly exodus since 2016, according to Cerulli Associates. As Standard & Poor's 500 stock index dropped 3.69 percent last month, investors dropped domestic stock ETFs like an annoyed cobra, selling $14.6 billion in the month. The biggest loser was SPDR S&P 500 ETF, which had net outflows of $19.6 billion. (Investment News)
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