any suggestion for monitor setup?

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  1. I just bought from them. That price includes the monitors and free shipping. You might try contacting them. Good guys, I can vouch for their product/service.
  2. my new setup is excellent, a laptop with Matrox TripleHead 2GO.
    3 mon and the laptop. Glad I went that way. Laptop will also stay on in case of power outage.
  3. I'm all for getting the best bang for my buck and not spending needlessly, but if this is a crazy price to you I don't think you should be trading....
  4. GET REAL.
    This looks like a TOTAL RIP JOB!

    Five 19" monitors + stand for $1859?
    That's roughly $370 for EACH 19" monitor!!!

    Since when does a Samsung 19" monitor go for $370???

    You can buy the Samsung-920NW for $160 each at Best Buy and save yourself $210 per monitor, or a TOTAL OF $1050.

    Please don't try and tell me that the monitor array stand costs $1050!

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  6. talk about a rip-off!!!! you can get five 22" lcd for $900-$1000 online(another $300 for dell or samsung). get ergotron quad stand for $269 at tax/free shipping)). and save yourself $500-600 bucks. personally I'd go with 6 monitors not 5.....which in case you'll need another stand.
  7. i am sorry if i sound cheap, but i really think that set overpriced to rip off lazy traders. i can get mitsubishi monitors (19) for $250 each, i dont think the stand alone is worth that much. also, i might wanna add another monitor later and change the setup somehow, so would like to use some arms instead of a fixed stand. any ideas/suggestion would be much appreciated
  8. you can't buy the 920NW at Best Buy for 160, it's 220 there...just checked...and what's with bashing a good company, Dell is overpriced too if you want build your own system...

  9. Maybe the setup is gold plated. Other tan that it is a total rip off!
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