Any suggestion for an IP anonimyzer?

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  1. Are you guys using any software to hide your IP address while surfing?

    Would you give me some idea on which is the best one?

    Thanks a lot. :)

    Just note that there is never true anonymity in the internet. Both your ISP and your anonymous service will know what exactly you are doing, what you are seeing, with whom you are communicating.

    It is good just for anonymous surfing but depending on the way the proxy operates you may be exposed to trojans, spyware, etc.
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    I've looked into this and just didn't find anything satisfactory.

    If you are running a hardware stateful-packet-inspection firewall and are refusing all cookies and have dynamic IP service that is as good as it gets without significant delays and other weirdness.

    I've written a little matlab program to tell my dsl modem to go get a new IP address if I think I need one. If a 'bot decides it is having connection issues it can request a new IP etc.

    I've heard there are some VPN solutions around but I didn't look at them. Please post if you find something interesting.
  4. there are also services that will route you through other IP addresses periodically, but offhand, the names of these sites elude me...
  5. I used the following subscription service:

    It worked fast enough for browsing. I also tried but it seemed much slower.

    I would recommend against using an anonymous service for conduct that could get you sued or placed in jail. For example, lets say you are a whisteblower and placing up online confidential information you obtained from your employer. Your employer then files suit and eventually traces it back to the anonymous proxy service. Then they subpoena the service and get your information. Many proxy services state they do not keep logs, but most probably have something anyway.

    If you want to do something like whistleblow, then I would say to do it at a Starbucks that is a ways away from where you work or reside. Then again, you might get caught be video surveillance at the Starbucks...

    There is always a way to trace things back to you.
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    I use it to play poker at sites unavailable to US residents. Also good for logging into Euro-brokers in otc/exotic options (SocGen, RBS, UBS, etc.).
  9. I installed the onion router. It looks like its routing me through a server in Germany. Its not a fast browsing service, but worth a try. Since it is a free service then you dont have to give them a credit card which is another piece of information tracing what you are doing.

    Lets say I use the I buy a subscription from them and give them my credit card #. Then I publish sensitive information from my employer online. The employer then can go to court and might get a subpoena to analyze the credit card records of the employees. They then find out that I purchased a subscription...

    The Onion Router is the best for being truly anonymous.
  10. Don't be ridiculous. No employer's attorney would be granted the subpoena power to look at their employee's CC records.
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