Any suggestion for a FX signal service?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by rehab, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. rehab


    Hi: any recommendation for a good FX signal for GBP/USD and also for EUR/USD? I am new in the forex world and I signed up for 2 sites but so far the signals they sent me cause me to loose money :(

  2. the best signal providers are the charts for GbpUsd and EurUsd.

    All the other signal providers you found are distant relatives living in foreign cuntires.
  3. wrbtrader


    You should go to dedicated Forex forums to ask your question like and

    At those sites there are lots of traders that are not vendors with a decent following that give forex real-time signal calls for free. Simply, you can easily review their track record (posted trades) along with reading other members commentary about the real time posted trades of the past. Also, if theres any 'fudging' of the signal calls...members usually speak up about it. Simply, you'll easily know whom to follow and whom not to follow that fits your personal trading style.

    Another free source of real-time signal callers is on but you'll need to do a lot of research work to find good forex traders posting their calls because there's a lot more forex traders on stocktwits posting real-time trades than any forum or anywhere else online. You can also use stocktwits on mobile devices too.

    There are tons of forex traders of the majors like EurUsd and GbpUsd over at Stocktwits. You will need to spend some time there to find the good traders that post consistently profitable signal calls. However, don't ask for recommendations of good signal callers. Instead, do your own research.

  4. the best suggestion ever:

    choose the ones producing 100% winning trades.
    yes, its how you'll never lose money, just choose 100% winning signal providers.

    every trader hates losses. the only way to avoid the pain: always win.
    don't you ever use stop orders- you'll have a nasty series forming scary thing: drawdown!
    so remember, 100% winning trades is the way to go.

    and please, really pluuease. always trade with the highest leverage your brokers allows. why make less money if you can make more?

    thank you for your money,
    warm regards,

    your honest, dear, faithful and charming FX signal provider :D