Any Successfull Traders From StrategyLab?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by version77, Nov 28, 2007.

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  1. I am sure everyone is aware of you-know-who's website as he
    is involved in a lot of threads here at ET with his trading wisdom.

    The question:

    Any successfull traders willing to step up and say they were trained
    successfully by you-know-who and are still profitable to this very day?

    Any positve comments appreciated. Negative posters will be put
    on ignore immediatlely by me so that way I won't have to read the
    bashing of this thread or me because they think it is "weird"
    that such a question is being asked. Some of you are already on
    ignore because of such behaviour in the CM thread. I won't be
    reading your comments so spare yourself.

    Lets see if this one can be more civil and professional so traders
    in the future can read it without the insults and name calling.

    Be honest and please act like grownups.
  2. Moderator, please delete this thread.

  3. I see Jimmy has responded. Hopefully in a positve, grown up way.

    I didn't realize you have been trained by anyone at all.

    So how did you like the course?
  4. RhinoGG

    RhinoGG Guest

    I just signed up with
    thanks guy, for giving up all these great edumacational website.
    i finna be rich!
  5. v77, those posts were just one off's, and unlike you, I actually trade, so I'm busy now.

    Get back to you later with some more videos.

  6. Just a minute. You already said you signed up with CM in the other
    vendor-evaluator thread.

    Why would you sign up with both? You must be a joker.
  7. Uh duh :confused:
  8. Not even one so far. I figured as much...

    Maybe we will have one tomorrow...:p
  9. What are you trying to prove Version77?

    that trading system sold on the internet fails miserably?

    I hereby declaring you honorific member of the institute for stating the obvious, you know, the same one who did extensive research on the wetness of water and the blueness of the sky and the coldness of a block of ice.
    #10     Nov 28, 2007
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