Any Successfull Traders From StrategyLab?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by version77, Nov 28, 2007.

  1. I am sure everyone is aware of you-know-who's website as he
    is constantly involved in just about every thread here at ET with his trading wisdom.

    The question:

    Any successfull traders willing to step up and say they were trained
    successfully by you-know-who and are profitable? And how many
    reports did you have to buy? The swing trading report? The Advance
    price action report? The advance japanese candlestick trading report?
    How many reports did you have to buy? Did you have to buy one
    before you could buy another? Are you forced to post your trades
    in his chat room?

    Did you make any money from his referral program? How much?

    Did you have to buy all those books on his website? Did you really
    have to use a screen capture program to become successfull?

    Any positve comments appreciated. Negative posters will be put
    on ignore immediatlely by me so the thread will not be polluted.
    That way I won't have to read the bashing of this thread or me
    because they think it is "weird" that such a question is being asked.

    We all saw what happened with the CoiledMarkets thread.

    Bashers came in to ruin it. Starting with the owner of CM. He was
    very upset that such a question was being asked about his site.

    Lets see if this one can be more civil, professional and helpfull to
    anyone who might want to read it in the future.

    Be honest.