Any successful trader in Chicago need an assistant?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Chris Paciello, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. Going to put this out there in hopes of finding a great opportunity. I've been active and involved in the markets for quite some time. I'm looking for a successful trader that I can work with. Willing to do what it takes for an opportunity. Maybe a couple of days a week to start. My main goal is to learn from and be able to trade successfully one day as well.

    If interested, send me a message!

    Thank you.
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    Can you post your picture? :D

    sorry could not resist...
  3. No.

    Next time resist please.
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    If it's the same guy, shouldn't he be making more money writing autobiography or pitching for a movie sequel?
  6. LOL

    Hoping someone looking for an assistant. Would be great.
  7. Also looking into a floor clerk/assistant position.

  8. Check with ET poster OTCRAHK, he's a trial judge - uses straight TA and got himself a nice $1 500k for 15 minutes work when one mafia boss gave him 250k to decide the case in his favor, and the opponent gave him 500k. He returned 250k to the latter and tried the case on equal grounds.
  9. If anyone has any questions or anything, feel free to contact me. Very hard worker with great work ethics.

    Any floor traders?

    Thank you!
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