Any Successful E-mini Traders with Blogs?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by pursuit, Jul 9, 2009.

  1. pursuit


    I'd like to learn from them. I know there are successful stock traders with blogs such as,, etc.
  2. mxjones


    Trader-X has posted some E-mini trades. There aren't many, but there are a few good ones. I clicked the futures label:

    Start at the bottom for daytrading charts.

    I don't know of any blogs with a specific E-mini focus, but I would like to find a few.
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  4. My journal/blog is focused on e-mini trading but I'm still learning so it doesn't meet the criteria of "successful e-mini trader" :D

    In any case, it's at

  5. Make yourself out to be a newb looking for a "blog" to "learn from"

    I think you already have a blog and your looking for traffic in a round about way.
  6. JScott


    Don Miller's blog has caught the most attention over the last year for most aspiring e-mini traders. He plays for small movements and trades higher volume than most.

    Keep trading.
  7. that was what I was thinking. Always the people with only a handful of posts.

    And he "knows" they are successful... That is why he is looking for others?
  8. mxjones


    Is there anything of value there? Because he sells his system doesn't he? So I would suspect he doesn't post details...I could be wrong as I have never looked and am too lazy to Google it.
  9. Brandonf

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    I think that Don Miller started to keep a blog again. I have not talked to Don in ages, and so I have no idea what he is up too now and what his plans are going forward with it. However, Dan is the real deal, and someone you can certainly learn from.

  10. pursuit = don
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