Any successful day trader out there?

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  1. What stocks do you have success with, day trading?
  2. You've been here since October 2007 and have never noticed the following thread where some profitable day traders of stocks are posting their broker profit/loss statements :confused:

    Note: There's a few futures traders in there too.

  3. You can be a winner like dem dar folkies in that P/L also. Just enhance the statement like you do sending out a resume to Popeyes Chicken
  4. People in the P/L thread posted their results but not what they trade or how they trade.

    Serendipity's question was on "what stocks" we day trade.

    For the past 2 years I had only traded: GS, AAPL, SPY, RIMM, SKF (over 90% of my trades).

    Occassionaly I went in to trade GOOG, AMZN, XOM, SRS, FAZ.

    I don't do stock hopping. I focus on a few and try to trade them well day-in day-out.
  5. SRS can be a tiger
  6. Redneck


    Average daily volume >1M (although personally I prefer > 5M)

    Daily ATR > $1.00 (know the higher the daily ATR the more volatile it is – which could be good thing or bad thing depending on your makeup)

    I would respectfully suggest following Bolimomo's advice – Find a few, stick with them, and get to know them REAL well.

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  7. The General

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    Any stock that I trade-as I know what I am doing-that meaning-what to pick-when to buy it-when to sell it-and when to leave it alone.

    The General
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    Usually the last one is the hardest. :p
  9. The General

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    It is the hardest for those who do not know what they are doing-but easy for those who do.

    The General