Any stocks like XOM?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by amanda, Sep 29, 2006.

  1. amanda


    Any stocks on NYSE similar to XOM in terms to speed and volatility??
  2. rcj


    Try NUE. Some of the homebuilders. Sometimes NYX can get your attention. Of course, none of these has the vol of XOM.

    Nas ... SNDK....Often often vol > 7mil. Lots of action.

    ........ rj
  3. It had 50 cent daily range today and it's almost a 70 dollar stock. How is that volatile? It's part of the Dow 30 and highly correlated with OSX (that's Oil Service Sector).

    If you want some real speed and volatility, try VLO, ACI, APA, PD, PCU, BTU. Don't forget to stock up on KY Jelly and don't come crying when you lose all your equity.
  4. Also, dont forget CMI, GS, BSC, DO, NE, RIG, SLB and of course CME. These are always a good time!

  5. :) VLO is a great daytrading stock.
  6. Whats your avg position size in VLO?

  7. AMD is a good one.
  8. Ha, while on the subject of "volatile stocks" let's not forget:


    All from homebuilders & metals. Guaranteed to make you say out loud "WHAT THE FUCK!?" at least 2-3 times a week. Every so often you will walk funny too.
  9. I'm a huge fan of FCX, PD, KBH, ACI, although I agree on most of the rest. Especially CLF. I'd like to punch that specialist in the face.
  10. I trade almost all of those stocks if they are metals or homies. Not if they are oil & coal.

    They are all despicable scumbags, some more than others. I don't care if I make money on them or not, I would do a lot more than punch those specialists. They are only another BS obstacle when I trade those stocks, not a reason for being right or wrong.
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