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    I'm a new user looking for some help, hints etc.
  2. I've used it for several months now. If you have any specific question, shoot away. As for specific tips, I'm not sure where to begin. I'd say the first thing to do is decide what you want to accomplish with it, then start figuring out how to do it. That's where we might be able to help. Good luck.
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    Would like to be able to use it on a intraday basis to scan and give alerts on some simple criteria. I think I may have to use it for the scans and alerts and keep Qcharts open for the charts. I ran a couple of simple backtest strategies and it seemed to work pretty good. Only problem was cross verifying the entries and exits on the actual chart. Is there any way to mark the charts with the entry and exit points?
    In what ways do you use the program?
  4. Sorry, but I don't do any backtesting, personally I don't believe it works. But that aside, I do use it intraday in a very simple way. I use Qcharts for the charting and SWP for my watchlists. I have created custom columns for % in daily range, change from open, and gap open. I also use the scanner feature to filter Qcharts hotlists by volume and price( the hotlists can be imported directly into SWP quote windows). For end of day scanning, I created a quote window with a separate column for each pattern I scan for, and color code a TRUE value. At a glance I can see which stocks meet multiple criteria and those are the ones I'm most interested in.
  5. I have been using swp for about three months now. It is essentially qcharts software with screener, backtesting, custom columns and custom studies. Charts are comparable to realtick. It is a great software for technical traders. It essentially let you do what you want to do. I don't believe on back testing, as I believe it only gives a past picture. I think every trader has its own setup. You have to decide what informations you want and setup those accordingly. Their tech support will answer your questions within 24 hours. They can make any thing you want. The only problem I found is reliability of qfeed which is choppy at best.
    If you have any specific questions here, please post them and someone will reply.
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    Boy, aint that the truth! One of the first questions I sent to support was if they plan on supporting Esignal in the future.

    "The only problem I found is reliability of qfeed which is choppy at best."
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    How do you contact these guys via phone. I cannot get any responce from them via email.
  8. Basically you can't. Sometimes response is 1 day. Lately, it's been a few days. They always respond, and if it's a matter about using the software they'll answer your question. If you complain about the software being buggy or not working right, that's another thing altogether. I use SWP because I have no alternative, that doesn't mean I think it's a great program. The code must truly suck because I've tried 3 different multi-monitor setups and can't get charts to work and dumb things like preferences not being saved when you close the program crop up frequently.
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    Curious as to your reasons why you have no alternatives. (I agree with you by the way) The reason I want to use this program is because it seems to be the only software out there that has intraday screening and alerts that doesnt require a P.h.d in computer programming to make work. Also, the program is fairly intuitive for a qcharts user. With that said, can someone help me with this:
    Bar[Close,D] > MovingAverage[MA,Close,10,0,D] & Bar[Close,D,1] < MovingAverage[MA,Close,10,0,D,1]

    What does the "0" represent in the moving average formula

    The "1" after "D" represents the prior day?

  10. Yep, the 1 after the D (or any other period) indacates the number of bars ago. The other parameter for MA's is for calculating the MA a certain number of bars ago. So, you could for example, calculate what the value of the ma was so many bars prior to a certain number of days ago. Can't quite remember why you'd want to do this, but I remember seeing an example somewhere that I can't find.
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