Any Sterling Pro traders here?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Trader717, Jul 7, 2008.

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    Just wanted to get your pros/cons on the Sterling Pro platform.
  2. Charts are pretty standard cant hold and drag them so it kind of sucks when there is a random tick other than that its great
  3. u can get rid of that random tick by going right clicking and editing the candle info - but yes i agree its a pain in the ass, hence why i use esignal.
    the api isn't great for programming as im discovering but for manual trading its not to bad, doesnt seem to crash allllllll that often. :p
  4. i should also add, i've been using sterling for a little over a year now.
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    But after you delete the random tick and switch to another stock and switch back, it's back!

    Today was horrible for quotes from the sterling server. I had stickies up the wazoo. Also, today I had two computers running sterling and one computer was receiving quotes 10+ seconds faster than the other. On the slower computer it would take up to a minute to switch stocks in the L2. Basically I had to sit on the side lines most of today =/

    And weird thing is, the computer that was receiving quotes quicker was running an ATS steaming quotes for hundreds of symbols. The slower one is strictly only the platform with a couple of L2s, few charts and T&S.

    Also, the API went down for about 20 minutes today too.

    Oh, and it reminds me, a couple of weeks ago I was in a trade and had placed an server side stop. The quotes stopped coming in (street wide problem apparently), and when they came back the stock was much lower and it ended up triggering my stop at the current price. So my loss was 3x larger than where I wanted. I was still holding half the shares, and THEN quotes froze up again and when they finally came back it was much lower! I had to check yahoo finance to get real time quotes. unreal. the money lost could have paid for a few months of sterling fees....

    Okay, done ranting.
  6. true dat, we had a few problems today with stickies etc. normally i just remove them from the lvl 2 and keep going quite sucky when its arca tho. didnt have the lvl 2 flipping problem like you did today, but i certainly have had my fill of them.
  7. how much are you guys paying to use Sterling/month?
  8. That's funny in some ways, but sad in the fact that most prop firms only offer Sterling Pro ! This makes going prop double-dangerous.
  9. so how much do you pay every month for the software?
  10. I think Sterling PAYS THEM to use their crappy stuff.
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