Any stable, free market countries?

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    I have not traveled the world nor studied other countries very much. Just wondering if anyone knows if there are any countries in the world where the majority of the citizens are proud to consistently elect leaders who believe in true free markets, individual responsibility, barebones gov't., sound money, etc. I doubt that they exist .......just thought I'd ask. Thanks. Stosh
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    Hong Kong
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    Thanks. I'll do some research on Hong Kong......any others?
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    Do you know what country Hong Kong is in? You might be in for a surprise.
  5. Nope, does not exist but for a different reason - stable and free market are mutually exclusive.

    Seriously, think about it, even under ideal conditions "free markets" tend to get carried away in one direction or another creating huge uncontrollable swings, bubbles and busts. How is that for "stable".
  6. Even prior to China regaining right to H.K., it never was free market. The country is run by Triads.

    Free market is an illussion & a pipe dream. U.A.E. was supposedely a free market nation, but no, it's run by royal families, hence monarchy. Think Estonia claimed to be free market, lol.
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    That's exactly what I am looking for. By "stable" I meant politically stable. Of course free markets have bubbles and busts, that is what makes them self correcting.....instead of having the authorities "correct" them. Stosh
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    There are no stable free market countries, basically. You are looking at a tradeoff between the following:

    1. Financial freedom (low tax & regulation)
    2. Social freedom (vices are legal)
    3. De facto freedom (lax law enforcement)
    4. Stability (low crime, reasonable political stability)

    Tax havens have more financial freedom, liberal democracies have more stability and social freedom, and some corrupt or ineffectual countries have more de facto freedom.

    I have considered this issue at length, and IMO the best solution is to base yourself legally in a tax haven and then spend your leisure time in countries with decent political & de facto freedom along with stability. Or, if you don't mind the negative stability issues, live in a country that is corrupt or ineffectual and thus has high de facto freedom.

    Many European countries have pretty high social and de facto freedom, along with stability, so if you can avoid their taxes then you will have a relatively free existence. I think the closest to a libertarian existence is to have legal/tax residence in Monaco, work there during the week, then party at weekends and holidays in Europe.

    Each person has different priorities. I would not find my liberty compromised by not being able to own a brothel, being prosecuted for drug use, or being prevented from organising political demonstration marches, because I have no interest in doing any of those things. I would feel my liberty was restricted by not being able to own a firearm (one reason I am going to emigrate from the UK), being prevented from gambling, being prosecuted for watching porn, or being taxed at more than about 10%. Someone else might not care about being banned from owning a gun, but might require the ability to take LSD or fuck whores without going to jail.
  9. But that's exactly the point, countries swinging between booms and busts, between full employment and 30% unemployment, between 20% growth years and years of depression, between thriving banking industry and the collapse of 50% of the banks, between $0.20 gas and $10 gas etc - these countries can't possibly be politically stable.
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