any software backtesting options stratetgy and automatically trading it

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  1. thank you
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    It is against US options exchange's rules to have a computer system trading automatically without human intervention.
  3. So make sure you don't tell them.

    Try, they have some option strategies, among others. Remember though, most option strategies sell options, and have nice smooth profit curves right until they blow up.

  5. No such rule... in fact just about every market making firm these days runs hundreds of books totally automated. In places like Philly you only have to have 1 guy on the floor to stream in quotes totally automated in hundreds of books. The ISE and the BOX are totally electronic too and firms run everything via computer.
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    It says so on the interactivebrokers website somewhere, I remember seeing it a week or two ago, but I can't seem to find it. There was also a link to it in one of the threads, which I can't find either.:) I think it applies only to retail traders, not market makers.
  7. Okay I could be wrong since I am not 100% sure on the rules for retial people having never worked in that environment.

    Its more then just market makers who can make automated trades on those places but I will take your word on the retail side.
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    I found out about it in that post myself, so I may be wrong.
  9. Getting back to the original question consider this. Do you really believe there is a program out there that you simply load on to your computer and turn on and it makes money consistantly ?

    Such a program would change the markets as we know them
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    Of course there are. But why would anyone sell one?
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