Any smartphone traders? I traded all day on my iPhone

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by prc117f, Oct 5, 2018.

  1. prc117f


    I was out and about and was able to trade all day on my iphone using the TD app and the Etrade app. Amazing how powerful these smartphones have become, and its amazing how quick you can turn trades around on these smartphones.

    I am using the iPhone XS Max and the the screens etc are super quick, I have been trading on my iPhone 8 in the past but the new XS Max screen is bigger and it just feels smooth as butter when operating.

    I was able to close a bunch of positions and sell short a bunch of SPY contracts when stuck in traffic :)

    Who would have thought this was possible 15 years ago.
  2. Edith.M


    Yes, nobody would have imagined, I however find it a little bit tasking trading on my phone. Identifying setups can be a little challenging. I trade on my PC but monitor using my phone.
  3. wrbtrader


    If I was going to be doing any "mobile trading"...I would do it on iPad or a MAC laptop instead of an iPhone if remaining in the iOS.

    Yet, I can see the usefulness of the iPhone (I have one) for closing positions only or monitoring a few realtime charts/quotes only.

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  4. Daal


    I only do it when I pretty much have to. And when I do I make sure I keep my desk setup on and access it via TeamViewer. That way I can see a lot of stocks and everything I can do in my platform. I wouldn't want to trade from an app only seeing 1 ticker L2 at a time, to me that is crazy
  5. Here4money


    I do....sux when having to enter a bunch of orders after exiting
  6. destriero


    I use it when away from the desk. A couple of issues with the TDA iOS app:

    -watchlists change when tiled vs. expanded into full screen mode. A persistent bug that they somehow haven't fixed. You can sort in full screen and the sorting doesn't take when you reduce the watchlist.

    -option positions aren't sorted by (opening) spread/combo as with the desktop app. It can be tough to find the position you want to close. It simply lists the strips by exp.
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  7. was doing it on a hp i-paq before you were born. :D
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  8. I do it when I'm out of town or on the road. It's fine for position management, but it's really difficult to get enough information to really take-in the broader market. So, after about a week or so without my computer, my trading quality takes a noticeable decline. I practice, this means I adjust my time-frame a little further out to coincide with when I'm in town, and just put out fires or take profits as needed on the phone. I think I might make a few new layouts for my web-based platforms and purchase a tablet for an upcoming extended trip to see if that improves my prospects of keeping tabs on the market.
  9. maxinger


    If you do swing trading, you can use screen size say 3 or 4" for trading.

    I can't as I do day trading. I need four or five 32" monitors.
    So if I am outside, no trading for me.
  10. Here4money


    Get team viewer or google remote app or VNC viewer. That way you can trade remotely through your desktop and just use the tablet as a monitor/keyboard
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