Any sites with info on biggest gains over past year?

Discussion in 'Options' started by union1411, Jun 7, 2005.

  1. Before I start trading next month, I want to find out if GOOG options were just an anomaly or if indeed similar profit potentials (as a % move in option price) happen all the time.

    I hope some of that makes sense.
  2. Never mind, I found it at businessweek.

    So this is interesting. Take a look at GOOG June 230 calls historical daily price data.

    Assuming you bought it in November for roughly $12, would you have kept it until now? It would have been a real test of will for me to have held it. This data is a good snapshot of the psychological challenges facing traders (I think):
  3. No, it doesn't makes sense. First, ask yourself how many stocks make a move like goog. Second, ask yourself about the odds that you would happen to be in that particular stock at that particular time. Very small odds.
  4. Yeah, I guess it's an anomaly.