Any significant lag running software on VPS ?

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  1. Does it make a lot of difference running trading software on a VPS when doing manual not automated trading ?

    Reason for using a VPS is being online all the time
  2. Lag that is noticeable visually ...
  3. VPS?

    I am going to guess it's a virtual machine you are talking about?

    You will have a very poor graphical and audio experience over a remote desktop or VNC session. Everything defaults to the least common denominator. I'm typing on a VM right now and accessing that VM from my laptop via wifi but it's all inside my LAN. Streaming youtube videos is not an issue nor is watching bloomberg or CNBC online.

    If I go out to a starbucks and try to do the same the results are very poor because the speeds default to the least common denominator.

    I have a few clients in NYC that rent VMs from me and they use them for internet/chat only boxes and they say that YouTube is slow but as long as they hit pause and let the buffering really extend it's OK. Things like realtime charting or quotes will end up being late and spotty.
  4. If you have a good internet connection to your virtual private server, it should be good enough for trading, no ?

    Not scalping but intraday trading,here
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  6. Everything on the VPS/VM runs at speed. For example, when I was trading we had servers that were running single digit millisecond HFT strategies. We used remote desktop to monitor the boxes and never had a problem watching because we knew it was running at realtime and delayed to us.

    By "decent internet" I mean you are on the same backbone and in close proximity. If you have Verizon the VPS/VM would want to be on Verizon and you'd want to be close to it. If not I'd count on a delay or at least poor end-user experience.

    It's tough to say what good/bad internet is. This afternoon I was on a L3 tech support call with Xerox trying to fix a 32 vs. 64 bit driver conflict issue. The Xerox guys are in Oregon and logged into my computer via Team Viewer, I am in CT and I was logged into a machine (also using Team Viewer) in NYC so it was 2x remote sessions on top of each other and the guy in Oregon was shocked at how good/fast the experience was. On the other hand I have a few HFT hedge fund guys that call and complain about how bad the remote login is every time they are at their ski houses in Vermont.