Any significant difference between TOS or OX software?

Discussion in 'Options' started by sync, Aug 22, 2008.

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    Is there any significant difference between Thinkorswim or OptionsExpress software?
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    Well, you don't have to ramble on about it. You could have just said 'yes'. :)
  4. Well for one thing OX doesn't *have* any software per se. It's totally web-based.

    The main interface to TOS is an actual app you have to install.
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    They are both completely diffrerent and have no resemblance to one another. Get a demo account for both and see for yourself.
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    Once a year update vs monthly updates

    Hey, but it takes effort to play with the big boys, and you will have to learn the platform.
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    Are those listed in the same order as my subject?
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    I have accounts with both and this post pretty much sums up the difference.

    If you want my opinion, TOS software is far superior, faster, and more stable than OX web-based.

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    Thanks. I was starting to think it was not ok to actually come out and state a preference here.

    I started looking at the TOS program yesterday and it is very impressive.
  10. One thing that TOS has that in my opinion is a killer feature is option risk graphing. It's really, really good for any arbitrary multi-legged spread you can think of.

    That's normally a premium feature on certain pay sites, but comes with a normal TOS account.

    Now if only IB (Interactive Brokers) could come up with equivalent risk graphing capability...
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