Any Serious Traders Living in Tokyo?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Lightningsmurf, Apr 19, 2002.

  1. Anyone?
  2. TigerO


    Lived there 5 years, you want some nightclubs in Roppongi? Lexington Queen still rules[​IMG]
  3. Tiger O - you still live in Tokyo?

    I haven't been to Lex yet....
  4. TigerO


    No, left at the end of the 80's:eek:

    Just last that I heard is that the Lex is still thriving, what that American who owns the place, Bill?? forget his name, used to do to fill the place up is let all da Models in for free, makin for a pretty spiffy scenery[​IMG]

    But I really loved Tokyo, the big Mikan, an incredible city.

    Whereabouts you living there?

    PS, I lived in Azabu, nice and easy to Roppongi:D
  5. Quiet1


    Don't go to Gas Panic unless you get kicks from watching teenage Japanese girls dance on the bar in mini-skirts...

    Cheap beer in Roppongi but not much else...

  6. TigerO


    Da LEX in Roppongi, hehe...

    Used to be lot's of other clubs there, one right next door to the LEX when you clambered back up the stairs again, several more around the corner, whereabouts is the action these days?

    PS: How you guys like livin there?

    Watashi wa Nippon dai suki deshita:D

    PPS: You still get that

    zis is a pen stuff from da teenies in dose spiffy school uniforms when they see a gaijin?
  7. I'm not a huge roppongi fan either, but I've never minded the skirts!
  8. TigerO


    So desu neh:D
  9. nihongo o hashimashita ka
  10. TigerO


    :( watashi wa nihongo o takusan o wasuremashita, demo watashi no nippon sumi toki wa sugoi deshita:)
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