Any Series 3 prep classes you would recommend?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Rudolf, Nov 21, 2003.

  1. Rudolf


    I am looking for a prep class, preferable in SW Florida.
    Any ideas?


    P.S. I really HATE this options stuff. :mad: :confused: :mad:
  2. skf42002


    The class I would recommend is called "do it yourself". It is such an easy exam that if you need a course to pass it, then you shouldn't go into the industry. Seriously, don't waste your money.
  3. Rudolf


    Well, I am getting used to the florida lifestyle.
    Take it lazy.

    Every time I look in my study material I start yelling for Prozac.

  4. It's a 90 minute exam, with a lot of questions regarding options spreads, straddles, and the debits and credits of both. If you have been in the futures and options industry for awhile, it is not that difficult and should not require a review course, unlike the Series 7 which has 24 chapters of review material, takes 6 hours, and is a REAL pain in the you know what.

    If you want the Series 3 bad enough, you will study for it, and take all of the practice exams that you can to insure that you pass.

    Don't just read the material.
    Take the practice exams!

  5. wefundhms


    I was told that with a series three, sponsorship is not needed?? Also, anyone got a source for used series 3 and 7 study material? Thanks.
  6. ktm


    You get either 130 or 150 minutes, definitely over 2 hours. There are 125 questions. It's as much about industry regulations, ethics and proper handling of customer funds as options and futures calculations. You really need to be able to do the math on the softs and interest rate stuff. There are plenty of questions where 1 forgotten step would result in the incorrect answer. Usually, the other 3 answers assume a forgotten step.

    Good Luck!!
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